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Ananas Kids is more than just children’s clothing. Each shirt that we make illustrates a character that corresponds to a special story to share with your child. Whether it’s Tango the Horse teaching a little girl how to be confident while riding on his back, or Pascal the sheep learning that it's okay being different in a herd of multi-colored sheep, every story captures the beauty of a budding relationship amongst young animal friends.


Throughout these tales, kids will not only learn about our wondrous planet and the compassionate creatures inhabiting it, but also how to connect with friends. We aim to inspire and encourage kids to pass the kindness they learn from the stories onto their friends and families. Our youth is the future, so we hope to teach tomorrow’s generation the empathy to connect with their peers and create healthy, lasting relationships with one another.

                                                             Ananas Kids Gives Back!
        Join us for our Love & Give campaign, to help foster the next generation of connection and compassion!
For every purchase you make, we donate a portion of the sales to charity. If you return your purchased item to us, we’ll wash and repackage the shirt and donate it to another child worldwide. In exchange for passing on the love, you will receive 15% off your next purchase!
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